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Friendsgiving with Eastside Golf

Friendsgiving with Eastside Golf

Pillars of CommUNITY:

Working in Unison… Collaborating
Instinctually Caring…Growing Friendships
Sharing a Goal…Shifting Priorities

As we look at the meaning of community it becomes immediately clear that the word Unity lives within it. Working together to build something. Doing something in unison.. Together we will be stronger. As we have grown we have realized that in order to build our community it is important to work with those who are a part of it. With Eastside golf they have become a friend, a loyal partner, but also a part of our community. Please help us grow our community, strengthen our community, creating something special, unique, identifiable, through our partnerships, through our growth of our community. Let us all build our communities. Feed the wolf.

History of Eastside Golf x Greyson Partnership

Greyson is a part of the East Side Golf community. What started as a conversation between two entrepreneurs, passionate about golf, fashion, and Detroit, has become a powerful business partnership supporting each other's interests. There is strength in numbers, and the power that results from these courageous, creative minds joining forces creates a movement. Together we will help create change, yielding diversity within our community.

Be a part of our commUNITY

CommUNITY. Collaborating to create something together. Objectively sharing passions with respect. Moving forward with love and motivating with belief. Unified by the same goal. Never compromising authenticity. Instinctually caring. Together we will help create change, yielding diversity within our community.