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Resolutions: Dan Mullen

Resolutions: Dan Mullen


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A Michigan native, a friend of Greyson, a mentor, and a highly dedicated individual, Dan Mullen has come to live a life free from self doubt. Leaving behind the internal dialogue of how he can't do something, and instead focusing on what he CAN do, Dan has quietly shared his perspective over the years. After a particularly inspiring talk with Dan and the Greyson Sales team, it became clear to everyone in that room that Dan's role as a motivator  is the light that he brings to others. Below, he shares a very clear approach to changing your life.


The symbolism of the Raven is complex. The Raven often represents an ill omen or even death, but it also symbolizes introspection, prophecy, creation, metamorphosis, and healing. Raven’s frequently act as psychopomps, connecting the material world and the world of spirits, a mediator between life and death. Because of its connection between life and death, the Raven embodies hope. Hope for a new life, a better life. Hope, and the wisdom and courage to embark on the mystic journey of rebirth in life. With each sunrise we are reborn, and with an added sense of purpose and understanding in our unique life journey, we can change the world. 

Dan Mullen personifies the characteristics of the Raven and is our Spiritual Sunday focus this week.

Dan’s philosophy is simple: live your life one day at a time. And don’t give in to that inner critic. Doubt is, essentially, made up. 

“Some 4000 years ago, one caveman told another caveman he couldn’t climb the tree to get the fruit.  So he and his family starved. He believed that doubt,” Dan said. “Shut down the internal critic, go out and throw yourself into an uncomfortable environment to grow. The reason why people don’t achieve their goals is because they don’t believe they can.”

Dan believes that knowing what to do with those feelings when they creep in is crucial, and it begins and ends in our minds. To make big changes, you have to start small. Micro strategies for macro goals. For example, if your goal is to lose 100 pounds in six months, you start with baby steps. You start by putting out clothes the night before. Drinking a glass of water. Walking a little farther the next day. These small steps turn into a new routine that you implement each day. And each day becomes your new life. 

Like the Raven, Dan believes that life offers endless opportunities. Opportunities to be reborn, to start again. He believes in the hope for a better tomorrow, and the courage and the discipline it takes to create the life you always imagined for yourself. Fear and doubt are simply stories we tell ourselves to keep us from living the life we are meant to live. The time to start your journey is now.