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MA360 Foundation

While many of you may know Maurice Allen as the 2018 World Long Drive Champion, there is a lot more to his passion for golf than just winning titles.


In 2014, Maurice’s life was forever changed when his uncle organized a transformational meeting. On that day, Maurice had the opportunity to be on the golf course with Calvin Peete as he observed Maurice’s game. At the end of that day, Mr. Peete made Maurice promise that he would never quit the game of golf. Just a few months later, the golf community lost Mr. Peete, but Maurice felt compelled to carry on Peete’s legacy — to ensure the future of black golf.

Six years later, the Grow the Game initiative was born. Grow the Game is an initiative established by Maurice Allen's MA360 Foundation to encourage diversity in the game of golf. This initiative is dedicated to guiding future golf professionals, focusing on helping African American men and women. A more diverse game means a broader and brighter future, more golfers in the sport, and more inspiring individuals to look up to.

Stay tuned for a big announcement in the coming weeks about a Greyson ambassadorship program with MA360 Grow the Game. For now, shop the limited edition Grow the Game-inspired merchandise. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to helping these individuals get the financial and personal support they need to take their game to the next level.

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