From dropping dimes to making birdies, Brody Van Brocklin is a creator, storyteller, and inspirational man who tells his truth through the lens of nature, family, and sport. He is the patriarch of a family of beautiful souls, and in partnership with his wife, influencer Cara Loren, shares how to balance the pressures of life. Seeing the beauty in everything that crosses his path, Brody captures the grace and positive vantage point of every situation he finds himself in. He is an avid golfer, Greyson Black Wolf, basketball player, and father to two boys and a little girl.

Style Perspective - Sharp Shooting Eagle

Entrepreneur, Creator, and Digital Storyteller

How I celebrate the holidays

I always love this time of year. The holidays, for me, in particular Christmas, are such a fantastic reminder as to what really matters, what life is all about, and who I really am. When I think of the holidays, I think of those that matter most, my family. I think of the relationships I have with my pack, my friends and family, and I appreciate the value and joy these relationships bring to my life. The holidays are a time to reflect on who I am, who I was last year at this time, and who I want to be moving forward. The time I get to spend with those I love during this holiday season is special. It’s holy.


My perspective on 2020
In this crazy and unprecedented year, I am reminded of the importance of how we treat each other. I am reminded of this....that "Holiness is found in how we treat others, not in how we contemplate the cosmos. As our experiences in marriages, families, and friendship teach us, it takes relationships to provide the friction that wears down our rough edges and sanctifies us." I am thankful for my pack, and for this Spiritual Sunday that gives me time to reflect on what really matters.

What I am digging from Greyson right now:
Since the inception of Greyson, Charlie and the team have been leading the way as to what "golf fashion" is and can be and I absolutely love it. Style is style, so when it comes to the way I wear Greyson, I like to merge golf and lifestyle. I love the Greyson hoodies - the fabric and color combinations make them some of the best hoodies on the planet. I also love to double down on the cashmere, by wearing the Koko hoodie under the crewneck sweater (learned this trick from the great Morgan Hoffman). Finally, I have been loving the particular on the new bags with Jones, and the sweatshirt with the icon and legend himself, Mr Jon Buscemi.