The inspiration for this early spring collection is none other than the great lakes of Italy. Italian menswear, paired with the vacation ease of calling Lake Como home for a few weeks or months, is exactly where our minds went when creating the collection. The sparkling reflections of the lakes, the pin dots of beautifully crafted boats skimming over the water, the biodiversity in the plants and flowers all played into the collection. Taking inspiration from all the shades of blue, peppering the soft pinks and purples of the flora, all play nicely to create a picture that welcomes spring. 

Things we love? Basing white with navy and layering in soft pastels to give more dimension. Warm pastels get an automatic upgrade when grounding back to a cool white and deep navy combo.  Floral prints inspired by the local flora and historical stories woven into unique graphics keep things light and bring colors to life.

The romantic history and endearing tales of local lore had us falling further in love with the beauty and culture of the area. There are said to be two types of winds on Lake Como. Locals call one Tivano and the other Breva. Directing water currents that toy with the fishermen’s strategies and the tourists’ plans, these winds are full of personality, writing and telling their own stories. Tivano is punctual, carrying warm winds down from the mountains of the north from 6 AM. Breva hits early afternoon, bringing with it much character and a bit of melancholy which supports the romantic moodiness of the area. Breva is the local legend of winds. Delivering an abundance of character and power, she is “the companion who is always there,” filling sails, stirring up emotions, and telling stories. The windfall of romanticism that Breva delivers to Lake Como made its way into this collection. Breva Royale is the perfect start to your spring wardrobe with a windfall of blues and pinks. Back here in the States, when the lakes thaw, when the blue in the sky sings of summer and the trees bloom, this collection will be there to support your every movement.