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The Spirit of Michigan

The Spirit of Michigan

This summer, Greyson honors Michigan, acknowledging Mother Nature’s gifts and sharing with our community the homeland of our founder, Charlie Schaefer, and home to our flagship store in downtown Detroit. Drawing off the inspiration of the land, the people, the opportunity, it only makes sense that every place where beauty and wonder can be found has been turned into a creative opportunity to tell a story through our clothing. Traversing Michigan through the lens of Greyson, the journey is as unforgettable as it is sacred. Explore with us and experience the Spirit of Michigan this summer.

There is something magical about Northern Michigan. There are treasures that Mother Nature left as the glaciers carved out a future no man could ever replicate.  She imparted her gifts on the land. The soil is rich, the water is valuable, the people are explorers and innovators. Preserving the sacredness of the wildlife, of  the beautiful land, is as important as fueling an economy in the lower part of the state. Figuring out the balance between nature’s rulebook and human’s rulebook has always been a careful one, but for the people of Michigan, they have managed to maintain integrity in the land as they have carved their place in it. 

Taking a step back in time, it is important to note how Michigan got to its reputation it has today. The richness that was left from glaciers, their soft yet powerful movements left an imprint on the land that is unlike any other. Facing Lake Michigan, the power of the wind and water fortified the land to be fertile, home to an ecosystem of animals, fish, wildlife that is as wondrous as it is powerful. Native Americans were the first settlers there, learning to work the land, living off its bounty from the rich soil, and weathering bitter winters with its polar-like winds and storms. The reason to stay came each June. The long summer days, the richness of wildlife, the natural transportation of the water, the beauty and wonder in nature, refreshed their souls, filled their bellies, and gave them a reason to live through the cold dark cycle of the year.

How can one state have so much? So much wonder and beauty. A breeding ground for discovery and innovation, another group of people entered the picture, fighting for a piece of the bounty. French Explorers in the early 1700s discovered Northern Michigan, stumbling on the land after a successful journey through Canada. They found Northern Michigan to be an expanse of beauty and wonder that they quickly wanted to call their own. What ensued between the Native Americans and the French Explorers was an unfair part of history, and today there are remnants of both cultures’ influence on the land. The intelligence of the Native Americans, their soft nature, and wholesome intentions have coupled with the narcissistic attitude of the explorers to leave a mark on the area with new ownership, names rich in history, stories of love and war, remembrances of people who risked their lives, lost their lives, who all  had one thing in common: they knew the value of the magic of Michigan.

An influx of people from New York came in the 1800s, as water transportation between the Great Lakes afforded the fancy forward-thinking New Yorkers to make their way West to Michigan. Their influence continued to modernize Michigan. While life started to speed up though, there was always the grounding power of Michigan’s nature to balance people’s souls. During the Prohibition period and through wartime in the 1900s, Northern Michigan was a respite for those wanting to escape the harsh reality of life. Arriving up North, in the Michigan Wilds, souls were automatically transported into a happier place, one supported by the healing energy of nature, the softness of rules, the promise of fun, and the dissipation of worries.  

It wasn’t enough to have a successful career and a booming economy down south. Detroit was pumping out technology and innovation faster than people could wrap their heads around how this was changing the course of humanity. Life was intense and moving quickly. So that escape gave more than a rest for a weary head. Northern Michigan rejuvenated the soul and connected people back to the simple and fulfilling life of land, water, and friendship.





The Summer collection is inspired by Michigan. From the state bird to the state tree, from the heroes to the highs and the lows in history, every living thing represents an integral part of the collection. Perhaps most important of all is Michigan Summers. It's not just nature, the ability to appreciate the land, it is the feeling that people feel when they can be outside, they escape work life, they get to be social, and life is simple. Long days and longer nights. Summer entertainment on the lake. Beautiful wildlife, centuries-old forests, a safe refuge for animals and generations of human secrets. Lush golf courses with undulating topography only a glacier could provide. Inspiration lies in all of this. Every name, every graphic, every color in this collection, is inspired by Michigan’s nature, history, and imprint on humanity.

Explore Michigan with Greyson this summer. There is something unique, something grand, something beautiful.. especially in Michigan.