Larry Fitzgerald is one of the most talented and well-respected wide receivers of NFL history. Larry has led his team with an impressive lineup of career highlights and statistical rankings as a loyal team leader of the Arizona Cardinals. His ability to lead through example goes beyond the football field, as his philanthropic side is as strong and committed as his role on his team. After a 17 year run with his team, Larry looks forward to new ventures dedicated to helping his community, strengthening bonds with his family and friends, and reminding the community we are all the same at our core.

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“Charlie is a longtime friend of mine. I deeply respect his work ethic and ability to connect with people. He has the God-given gift of envisioning something and bringing it to reality. I appreciate and understand his unwavering support of his hometown of Detroit and local charities designed to support underprivileged people. The importance of community and helping others is vital to me.

When you care about someone, you see their vision and watch it manifest itself in clothing and design; you can't help but want to wear the gear and support the brand. From the quality of work to the creative inspiration Charlie is gravitated to, the brand is a perfect extension of his dreams. The clothes exude relevance and culture, making them easy to wear and fun to share with others. There are just so many things that I enjoy about the Greyson brand.

Coming out of an unprecedented pandemic, the way humans interact has dramatically altered. The past two years have pushed the things we value most to the forefront, and one of those things is family. For me, family is everything. Fortifying family and friend relationships have always been important to me, but strengthening those bonds is my focus more than ever. When I think of the suffering in this country, people who are genuinely in need, I want to be a person people can depend on. My goal is not to point out the differences but to cast a positive light on what we share. By realizing we all share a common baseline like loving our parents, our children, being there for aunts and uncles, our closest neighbors and friends, we are automatically aligned with our common interests. It doesn't matter our socio-economic background; we all have the same commonality in loving our friends and family. When you approach helping a community, sharing support and accepting the help become automatic. The shared currency of love and support is interchangeable and accepted by everyone.”


What am I most grateful for this year?
 The health and wellbeing of my boys. For me, family is everything, and I simply want the best for them.

What do I love most from the Greyson Collection? The Cashmere

What can you find me in off course? The Gotham Hoodie and Jogger are my favorite sweatsuit to lounge in.

What am I looking forward to in 2022? Focusing on my philanthropic efforts in our society to help those in need and encourage others to help where they can.

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