When our paths first crossed, we began to understand the power of friendship and collaboration. Justin Thomas started as a friend of the brand and then turned into a leader for Greyson on the PGA Tour. His commitment to be the best he can be is admirable, and his inspirited passion for the game of golf burns more brightly than ever. What began as two separate journeys is now one aligned direction, as Justin has evolved from representing Greyson in his life to also becoming an important part of its growth as an investor.



When we set out to capture what lies beyond, we knew the importance of recording our journey in a special way. We created this custom hoodie for Justin Thomas, which embodies his pursuit for excellence in every part of life, as well as his loyalty and commitment to the Pack. Become a part of our journey with this limited-edition hoodie.

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“The opportunity to have Justin join the team is beyond a dream for me. I have had the fortune of seeing how a great friendship evolves into two individuals passionately and creatively telling stories together. Since the start, his commitment has gone beyond his wardrobe. Ahead of every event he puts deliberate care into selecting his scripts, making sure they express his individuality and style while also letting his own creativity take over. We have forged a loyalty, without forced measures, and have organically built our trust in each other. We are thrilled to be a part of his journey beyond golf.”

— Charlie Schaefer, Greyson Founder


We recently traveled down to Jupiter, our spirits high and with the goal of creating something far greater than we’ve envisioned before. This place is more than Justin’s home – it is where his journey ventures out of the course and meets the other aspects of his life. It’s where he trains to get stronger and where he recovers from the hustle. Where he has put down roots and built a community of his own. Whether he is strolling on the shore with his wife Jill and their dog Franklin, or out on the town with his closest friends, Greyson is there alongside Justin in his everyday life.

Justin’s openness to exploring his creativity on the course has put the spotlight on signature Greyson pieces like the Montauk Jogger. But when he’s not on tour, his style continues to be an expression of creativity, finding a balance between comfort, performance, and versatility that he can wear from the beach to the gym to his post-workout plans.

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