With all of the amazing positives that came with this past year, perspective is the word that comes to mind when I reflect on the past twelve months.

I am incredibly thankful for what 2021 brought Greyson. It has continued to show me that our shared vision is something special and we are just getting started.

As a company, we set our bar high and accomplished everything and more. We grew our team with diverse talent at all levels and we continued to develop and strengthen relationships within our community and beyond. We did all of this while remaining true to who we are: authentic, vulnerable, and genuine.

With all of the successes that this year brought, I was reminded life is fragile and we must honor every day like it may be our last. I lost a brother and a best friend in the earlier part of the year. My brother-in-law, Dan Janssen, was the sweetest and most supportive person you could ask for…he had this infectious laugh and ultimate love for life that was beyond special. I remember the day I started Greyson, Dan offered unwavering support and endless ideas on how to grow the brand…without questioning me and wondering why I would leave my job of 13 years, he encouraged me and believed. Dan was a lover of golf having played at a high level. He loved chatting about clothing and had a serious style that I admired. Most importantly, he taught me how to be kind and look past what is right in front of me. My perspective is that we are dealt with different hands. When times are good – smile, hug, and celebrate. When times are bad – endure, understand, and believe there is a larger cause and higher meaning.

Dan passed the Thursday of The Players Championship. This was Dan's favorite tournament and Justin Thomas was his favorite player. As JT wore Greyson and came to the final nine on Sunday, all I could think of was that Dan was pulling all the strings to help him to the finish line. Especially on 18 when JT's ball decided to hook the perfect amount around the water – hooks are hard to control :). I know this doesn't do Dan justice or is just a blip in the scope of who he is and the amazing legacy he left, but I do know he had a part in all of it. This perspective has allowed me to believe that things are meant to be, we cannot control the uncontrollable, and that the concept of randomness does not exist. It is so hard to accept that I have lost a loved one, but it is a reality. How we choose to handle these realities is how we choose to cherish those we have lost and love.

While not losing sight of the amazing triumphs and gifts along the way, this past year has taught me that we are not invincible, but it has also taught me that we are strong and we can gain strength in our struggles with a positive perspective of the principles in the plan. We are blessed with both the good and the bad and there are reasons and meanings for both, mostly unexplainable, but I recognize they are all intertwined.

I know that as I continue down my journey, I will always be connected with my Brother. He continues to inspire and inspirit me…his laughter, smile, and all of our amazing memories fill my heart and drive my soul. I carry Dan with me as I know he will always be looking down with unwavering support, dressed to impress, and unconditional love.

Thank you –


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