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Carlos Ortiz

Carlos Ortiz

Carlos Ortiz was born and raised in Mexico and earned a degree from University of Northern Texas in 2013. Later that year he turned pro and had a very successful season on the tour.  Carlos has won three times on the Web.Com and earned himself full PGA Tour status for the 2018-2019 season. Carlos reached out personally to Charlie after Greyson launched. In love with the clothing, and what the brand stands for, Carlos is a perfect ambassador for Greyson.

It's easy to be on top, but to have to reengage and climb your way back up is where the real growth happens.

Carlos' energy is contagious, and his spirit resonates in the way he wears Greyson. With a chic Latin American edginess, the fit of Greyson is perfect and there is a natural elegance in the way he effortlessly wears white and pairs it so playfully with color.