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Institute of American Indian Arts

Institute of American Indian Arts

A Note From Our Founder

Over the last few months, Spiritual Sunday has evolved into a platform for sharing perspectives and experiences of individuals, non-profit organizations, and brands that Greyson believes in. Whether it be a charitable stance or just spreading awareness, we realize the rare opportunity to do something beyond being “just” an apparel brand. We say goodbye to September, where we shared Morgan and Chelsea Hoffman’s inspiring spirits, and brought further awareness to The Morgan Hoffmann Foundation. We welcome October with a focus on Native Americans, introducing Native American artists who have partnered with us on a special series of products that combine their culture with the spirit of Greyson. We are excited to have new friends in this space, and the fact that we are able to offer up our platform to highlight their visions and beliefs is something we are honored to support.

As a brand, we have delivered collections over the years that have been inspired by Native American culture. We have been asked the question regarding our designs and the integrity of the creativity behind these stories. I would never want our usage to be misinterpreted and our thoughts to be self-serving. On the contrary, I am inspired by Native American culture and history. I honor their perspective of earth, life, and the sacred ways they celebrate in such a pure and beautiful way, and this is a belief system I personally am drawn to. From looking to nature for creative and spiritual outlets, inspirited by the concept of life in all forms, to embracing those that are beyond the realm of what is in front of us, there is a belief that the sun gives us life while the rain allows us to grow. The moon is our shepherd and shines on us as we rest. Animals and plants represent security and belief, and reinforce the fact that we are all built differently. My loyalty to my family and pack is something I cherish. I will never truly be able to embody the traditions and belief system of the Native Americans, but I am inspired by such beliefs and stories and will continue to be inspirited.

It was not until my recent trip to Santa Fe, where I was fortunate enough to meet with several talented Native American artists, that it became clear our perspective needed to have more meaning. They showed me how we are different, how we look at the world through different lenses, and that we can help each other. We have the opportunity to tell the story and to go forward in a partnership that will positively affect our futures. In an effort to help grow and promote the things that we cherish and inspirit us, we dedicate October to the official kickoff of this partnership, bringing awareness and financial support to American Indian Artists and their surrounding communities. We are excited to have new friends and to help create awareness.

“Wise Wolf” kicks off our new perspective, symbolizing the wisdom we have been gifted due to this revelation, and in cooperation with our friends, we respectively renamed a marquee logo from “Tribal Wolf” to “Wise Wolf”. Today is the first of several product drops where a percentage of proceeds will go to the Institute of American Indian Artists (IAIA) and their breathtaking Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA). In addition, guest artists will partner with us on these collaborations. Moving forward, you will see that we will not only highlight talented Native American Artists, but we will work to deliver collections that will respectfully be influenced by their culture, assigning credit where credit is due, and taking responsibility to bring our cultures together into harmony, where we can each express, interpret, and support each other in this partnership.

With Love, Spirit & Loyalty
Charlie & Team Greyson

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