Scott Malouf is owner of Drest by Scott Malouf in Lubbock, Texas and Malouf on the Plaza, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He launched Greyson in his stores in 2017, and Scott continues to evolve menswear by educating his customers that there’s more to dressing up than a suit and tie. He loves spending time in the store, on the golf course, or with family and friends. Scott is a dear friend of the brand and a perfect ambassador for how to wear Greyson, no matter your position, your style, or your score.

Style Perspective - Authentically Eclectic

Founder, Retail Expert, and Wise Wolf || Drest by Scott Malouf and Malouf on the Plaza

How I celebrate the holidays

As a specialty retailer, I will spend the 53rd Christmas on the retail floors of Drest by Scott Malouf and Malouf on the Plaza, my two stores that support 20 employees and help support many, many artists and companies. For me, the year has brought a laser focus I didn't have prior to March 15. So this Christmas, I will keep family close, and be mindful to let each action have a positive impact.


How Malouf’s shoppers wear Greyson

In 2017, when Greyson first arrived at our stores, it was a novelty for us. Our menswear business was elevated and serious; Greyson was adventurous and fun. After 8 seasons and a pandemic, the brand has been a star in our night sky. Customers live in the joggers and tees, our golfers are playing more than ever, and the golf look has taken off. Wearing Greyson is more than a fad, it is integrated into every customer’s lifestyle.


An Appreciation for Native American Art

The Wolf has guided us through a new retail reality, and I believe this was by design, not by happenstance. I work with many Native American artists. The symbol of the wolf in many Native American cultures represents a guide, a teacher. To have wolves present in my life and in my business has taught me so much I could not have learned on my own. Recently, Greyson shot a campaign in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was guided to share my love for Native American culture, introducing Charlie to Native American artists, which has resulted in new friendships and new collaborations for all to enjoy.