This season’s inspiration is New Orleans, one of the first trading cities of the south, situated on the main transportation line of the Mississippi River. Holding the spectacular grace and beauty of a city once divided in thought,  it has seen the effects of war, natural disaster, disillusionment, and witchcraft.  But with the sadness and reality check on life, there is also the silver lining of goodness. Painted with life and diversity, New Orleans is a city of opportunity, commerce, and religious freedom.  It is a place where the curiosities of nature meet the bustle of city life.  Three things, in particular, inspired our founder to design a collection in honor of New Orleans: the lively spirit, the rich history, and the intoxicating energy.

The freedom people refer to in  New Orleans is freedom of expression. Freedom to be who you want to be, expressing every side of your being without judgment. Freedom to celebrate, a space to be your true authentic self. The term “Laissez-faire” literally means You do you. In the truest New Orleans form, the solid French heritage has made its mark in many ways. Still, it is a beautiful gift to encourage individuality, self-expression, and letting things take their course without worry or interference. Step into the French Quarter, and one can see for themselves, being your person is not only welcomed but is also encouraged and respected.  

New Orleans is a dreamy blend of color, warmth, magnificent animals, and botanical beauty. The climate is hot and humid, and the skies range from brilliant blue to a threatening stormy grey. Watching the world go by on a quintessential New Orleans porch is a slow churn of breezes, colors, and pleasantries. There is time to reflect and find gratitude for the freedom of expression and the love of neighbors. There are visits from creatures big and small, from pesky insects to creeping turtles and snakes. Step beyond the city, or move closer to the Bayou, and the animals become more significant and likely more dangerous. The backdrop is the most beautiful forest of trees, flowers, creeping plants, and brightly colored creatures who call high places their home.

The music, the color, the energy of this city do not disappoint. If the spirit of a town could find itself into one’s closet, now is that time. No collection has transported the grandeur of a place and a moment in time more clearly than this.  The magic and mystery of a town full of magical stories and lingering shadows of secrets are yours to explore.  Join us this season in letting the good time roll and run with the New.