Wolf-inspired prints sit at the helm of this collection. The Pack-favorite Den of Thieves and Icon print make a comeback in seasonal neutrals, followed by the introduction of Dances of Wolves. Both as a symbol of renewal and high spirits, the latest floral polos inspire a unique and refreshing approach to spring. With notes of Lion and Sugarcane, polos like the Lost Garden and the Peacocksley pair elegantly with classic neutral colors such as Arctic, Shepherd, or Maltese to set a refined base. If you are feeling emboldened, match the vibrancy of the new hues with the Montauks to brighten up your look no matter the occasion. This collection allows you to spruce up your wardrobe with traditional classics as much as it provides an opportunity to venture outside of what you know.

With an exciting season ahead, Wolf Enigma brings along a lineup of limited capsules, unique drops, and the introduction of tennis wear. In true Greyson fashion, the collection is defined by a unique palette of details, hues, and prints that tell just as much of a story on the outside as they do on the inside.