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About Sam Ryder

About Sam Ryder

Sam Ryder joined the wolf pack in January 2019 after a very respectable rookie year on the PGA Tour where he wore Greyson via his relationship with another apparel partner. As stellar as his on course performance, the attention he gained for his sense of style was at the top of the conversation boards wherever Sam was concerned. Sam's unconventional road to the tour displays how deep his commitment to the game is, how strong and driven his mental game is, and how he is a player to watch out for.


Learning to hate the game, learning to love it and understanding the difference between gives Sam an edge over his competition.

Sam's style is fierce but controlled. His ability to blend classicism with an aggressive spirit makes his interpretation of Greyson one that that is highly fashionable and unique within the golf space. Sam has an elevated fashion sense, and his partnership with Greyson supports the journey to change golf.