Scott Langley

Scott Langley enters the 2019 PGA Tour season with full status after finishing 3rdon the in 2018. The former NCAA champion while representing the University of Illinois in 2010, Scott is also the first alumnus of The First Tee to make it on the PGA Tour.

 The lefty prides himself on his outward appearance towards others with his kind demeanor and sharp, tailored fashion sense.

His battle back to the PGA Tour has given him a new appreciation for the peaks and valleys attributed to the game of golf. Admittedly he has been humbled and will not take success for granted but this added steel in his spine, will only lead to future success as a result. Bringing a more well-rounded approach in his game this year, we are excited to support Scott in his chase for greatness in golf and life. Scott’s wife Kristy and their daughter, continue to motivate him and give him the strength to succeed in all facets of life.

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