Fall One 2016





    Influenced by the scenic Adirondacks and Native American tradition, Fall One is an expression of tribal culture. The infamous Lake Placid, Lake Saranac and Lake George emanating shades of blue offer a safe haven for the watercolor painted trees standing above. This collection represents a rich, versatile and focused color palette.

Fall Two 2016



    Inspirited with the regal wardrobe of Daniel Craig in his James Bond 'Skyfall' roll, Fall Two portrays the dark and jeweled toned Scottish color palette. The Royal Highlands set the tone of the sophistication in this glimpse in time.

Detroit S

    Representing a story of strength amidst the threats of the Great Depression, GREYSON S is American patriotism at its core. From the crowd filled football stadium to the graffiti city streets, the Detroit Lions showcased themselves as the monarch of the jungle. Versatile throughout the ages, this collection offers a deep and modern navy tone.

Summer 2016


Spring Two 2016


Spring One 2016


Soho S

    Inspirited with the urban and dynamic atmosphere of the city streets, Greyson S illustrated the juxtaposition between fashion and sport. The modern Manhattan neighborhoods and the rugged boxing ring converge to create the backdrop for our lifestyle collection. The simplistic black and grey color palette represent the versatility of this collection.


    Inspired by the sophisticated yet relaxing beach environment, Summer 2016 embodies the whitewashed atmosphere of the Hamptons. The elegant getaway mansions dressed in hydrangea flowers and glistening water at Ditch Plains offers a fitting summer vehicle. The refined, soft color palette combines the old and the new, mimicking Hamptons chic.


    Influenced by the low country and the mossy swamplands, Spring 2 expresses old world charm contrasted with modern silhouettes. The traditional and sophisticated scenery of the Southeast is the ideal inspiration for our second delivery. The vibrant atmosphere is mirrored by the bright and lively colors of this collection.


    Inspired by the minimal yet architectural presence of cypress trees, Spring 1 embodies the effortless style of icons such as Steve McQueen. The rough and elegant landscape of the Monterey Peninsula is the perfect setting for our first delivery. The color palette infuses tonal greys with hints of blues and pinks to accentuate the sophisticated yet relaxed manner.




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